What do we mean by PR SERVICES?

PR (Public Relation) in one area combines the creation of a positive image of the company, promotion of products or services, fostering social responsibility, harmonious cooperation with all target audiences that have any impact on the company's business, as well as cooperation with the media. All this immediately indicates that PR is a very complex area and that it is impossible to reduce it to marketing and promotion. Marketing itself has a short-term effect of promoting or selling a certain product or service, and quality public relations enable a long-term effect of a positive image and status of the company. A company that deals exclusively with marketing, and neglects to nurture public relations, very quickly loses credibility with end users, or is overtaken by competition.

For example, for a mining company, the target public may be villagers in the vicinity of the mine (they are interested in a clean environment and employment in that company), local environmental organizations (looking for as little pollution as possible), employees in that company, the local government that strives for greater investments in the local community, investors who expect the fastest possible inflow of profits, state institutions that issue the necessary work permits, inspection bodies, and the media have a special status for such companies. It is the media that are the "extended arm" to all the aforementioned target groups. Through journalistic inquiries and interests, the media can greatly influence the credibility and status of such a company. Quality PR should enable harmonious and good relations of all these target groups with the company, and at the same time that the realization of the planned business activities of the company be at the highest level.

PR agencies deal with communication. Communication is the basis of everything, good sales, crisis situations, good advertising, quality promotions, billing for services, harmonious relationships ... There are two key things in the work of any PR agency, and that is creating a communication message for the client, those messages. And it is in these two things that the work of PR agencies differs.

More specifically, the PR agency realizes cooperation with the media, with target audiences (groups) that have an impact on the client's business, creates corporate video formats, printed info & promo materials, designs campaigns, manages social networks for the client's needs, etc. Of course, a PR agency can also educate the client in all these areas in order to realize those jobs on their own.

The services of PR agencies largely belong to the so-called "Outsourcing", ie external services. Companies mostly hire PR agencies because they do not have enough professional staff among their employees for this type of work, and on the other hand, it is impossible to employ so many people for this type of complex services. Precisely in that sense, it pays more for the company to hire a PR agency for this type of service. Paying for such services is much cheaper than directly hiring more people to do all the work.

Given the complexity of all the activities involved in the work of PR agencies, it is really difficult to specify how much the services cost. As with most other jobs, the price of services depends on the needs of the client, so that based on the stated needs of the client, the offer is determined. Of course, the price also depends on the experience of the people in the PR agency.